I’m feeling really tired right now partially due to the time of the day but mainly because of the hectic day yesterday and late bedtime I decided on committing to.

Great so who cares right…be patient, I’m trying to get there…basically because of the fact that my stress level is up and amount of sleep is relatively low, I’m having some hunger issues today; this is going to result in me probably having a nice little afternoon binge (hasn’t happened yet, fingers crossed) that I’m not looking forward to.

In light of the situation, I came up with some simple ways to really curb hunger and shut down your stomach’s appetite switch that anyone can do on a daily basis.
The first one? We already went over it:

– Get your nightly sleep; if you don’t, you could create a hormone imbalance over time and increase your levels of grehlin (see “The Appetite Hormone” posted by Yours Truly on May 12th). Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night (not more or less) and you’ll keep grehlin (you little devil, you) at bay and probably feel a lot better as an added benefit.

The next thing you’ll want to focus on is the types of food you eat:

– You can fill up on almost anything, but certain types of food will actually keep that little tummy of yours satisfied for longer periods of time and calm the cravings to splurge on Gummy Bears. Eat your protein and fiber while drinking enough water at the same time. The protein will digest really slow and keep your stomach too busy to think about the next Pizza Hut adventure while the fiber will suck up all the water and make your stomach expand…you won’t be eating for a while after that now will you?

Turn your TV off or stay busy during commercials.

– What’s funny is that research has actually confirmed that watching food preparation or presentation on your television increases your appetite and desire to eat. LOL. Go figure…no wonder why we’re eating so much…WE JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOU “FOOD CHANNEL”! .450 bushmaster ammo

You can also trick your stomach in a couple of different ways; these are my favorite techniques because I’m really not doing anything drastic, just tricking my tummy into thinking it’s full.

1) Don’t have too many different types of snacks. Cut down on the variety of different junk foods or snacks in your counter. This will actually make you less susceptible to having a Saturday afternoon sample-fest instead of a nice proportioned lunch…get the things you know are good and maybe splurge on one or two items per week instead of vice versa…k?

2) Proportion wisely; actually just grab a small plate and the food on it looks bigger and more filling…the results? The stomach thinks you just ate a smorgasboard and will shut up for a while…cool

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