The Secret to Golf Driving Distance – Swing in “The Slot” For Longer Golf Drives

The real secret to increasing distance with the driver is swinging “in the slot”. Swinging in the slot leads to effortless power with your driver and irons. Maybe you’ve felt this feeling before when you swung easy and just ripped it. So what’s happening when we are in the slot and how do we replicate it?

Swinging in The Slot: This is when your club is on the correct swing path and on plane on the downswing to impact. Most importantly, the club is “on plane”. Swinging on plane is basically synonymous with swinging in the slot. Power is maximized when we swing on plane, and often we can just swing as hard as we want and it will still go straight.

Steps To Swinging In The Slot- (On Plane and On Path) mega888 download


  1. Make sure your posture is straight. A straighter spine will give your shoulders something solid to hinge back and forward on. This is extremely important.
  2. Line up the feet and shoulders correctly. Make sure your aim is correct with your feet and shoulders.
  3. Keep the right elbow in towards the body. A good check point is at the top of the back swing- Your right arm should be in a position like you are a waiter carrying a tray of food.
  4. Keep your head relatively still through impact. Everyone will move their head slightly, just concentrate on keeping it to a minimum.

Proper alignment, posture, elbow positioning, and keeping your head still are extremely important aspects for achieving longer drives. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll find yourself getting effortless distance by swinging in the slot. 


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